Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crystal Antlers...better at playing than talking

My second interview piece for Flavorwire went up Monday, this one with Crystal Antlers, the Long Beach, California outfit that sounds like a psyche band but insists that it is fundamentally not…They have a new record called Tentacles coming out later this month on Touch & Go. It was a little bit of a “we just want to rock” interview, but the article came out okay, I thought.

The best quote in the piece (which is really just okay):

Even the band’s name expresses this fundamental contradiction, the sheer explosive power of its performance balanced with the likelihood of self-immolation. “We were looking for a name that expressed the state of being really fragile, because we felt like we were,” said Bell. “Every time we played together, it felt like everything was going to fall apart, but it never quite did. I had a dream reader do an analysis, and if you dream of crystal antlers, you’re imagining the fragility of the masculine.”

The rest

Here’s the live footage that I referenced in the first paragraph of the piece.

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