Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Flying Change…bittersweet and beautiful

My friend Paul Brill, whom some of you know from MOG, has a label called Scarlet Shame which recently put out a really beautiful album from fellow NYC-based songwriter Sam Jacobs, who records under the name of The Flying Change. My review ran at Blurt yesterday.

Jacobs' album, his third under the Flying Change name, is by turns defiant and exhausted, jittery and delicately accepting, its restrained but carefully considered arrangements wrapped around shards of surrealistic shards of lyricism. His voice seems nearly always on the verge of a sigh, a bit like Bill Callahan's in its dark resignation. Yet the songs are in no way depressing, but rather subtly triumphant, with bits of pizzicato violin, piano and glockenspiel lighting up the gloom.

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“Drity White Coats”

“If You See Soemthing Say Something”

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