Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shed a tear for the hipsters

Apparently the recession is hitting them, too…or at least their parents, who ultimately pay for it all. A bit of Schadenfreud from the New York Times which is having its own problems with parents and money.

My parents sent me $500 the day I moved to NYC and it lasted me eight years…though there were weeks when I ate nothing but day-old bagels, and I’d go out to dinner with anyone who asked.

Of course, I was never really an “artist”. Mostly because I couldn’t afford it.


Ian said...

Between that and the "funemployement" article I read recently, we certainly are living in strange and terrifying (but exciting!) times to be young and trying to make ends meet, eh?

I'm with you on not having enough money to be an artist, too.

jenniferpkelly said...

There was a long piece in the Sunday Times magazine about the impact of the recession on freelancers, too. It rains on the bankers and their massage therapists and personal chefs start to drown.

I feel like what I do is more of a craft than an art...It's definitely a worthy thing to try to be better at it, but not like writing a novel or a book of sonnets.

Ian said...

That's a fair way to put it, I think.