Friday, June 19, 2009

I Hate CDs: True or False?

Er, yeah, definitely false.

Anyway, my review of the three-disc Norton I Hate CDs compilation, Volume 2, runs in today’s Dusted. Here's the "what it is" paragraph.

Every variety of stripped down, pre-Beatles mayhem gets a track or two – rockabilly, jump blues, R&B, doo-wop and the kind of bone-simple garage rock that makes “Louie Louie” sound like Sondheim. There’s no real logic to the sequencing, either. Tracks are organized not by style or date or, even alphabetically, but rather like a really demented back-yard party where someone’s weird uncle is spinning from a box of discs he found at garage sales.

The rest, including a maraschino cherry metaphor that I am very, very proud of:

Here is one of those “not really a video” videos of the Pleasure Seekers’ “What A Way to Die”. This was Suzi Quatro's first band...I think she was 16 or so.


robp said...

Good to know there's a video of this. Fine ode to drinking bad beer, I've got the studio version on some vinyl anthology (not that I hate cd's, although mine are as disorganized as my records. I hate abc's.)

jenniferpkelly said...

It's just still photos, not really a video in the usual sense, but better than nothing?

The only records I have in alphabetical order are the ones I haven't listened to in a long time. thank god for itunes or I'd never be able to find anything.