Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yet another mix

Warning, my husband didn't like this one, said a couple of the songs reminded him of 70s lite rock, and may have even used the phrase "Elton John crap" proceed with care. Downlown here


1. King Khan and the Shrines, "Le Fils De Jacques Dutronc" From What Is?, a formerly German-only release just repackaged by retro soul/garage stuff, especially in French.
2. Fish Turned Human, "The INternational" Possibly my latest very favorite song, torn from a fundraising compilation put together by WFMU's Terre T, and featuring, apparently, Andy Metcalfe from the Soft Boys. 1979-ish and sounds it.
3. Tyvek, "Hey Una" My other new favorite song, this one from the latest record by Tyvek, out of Detroit, whom I vaguely remember seeing a couple of years ago at SXSW. Apparently shitgaze is over now, so it is very uncool to like this stuff anymore. Sigh.
4. Vaselines, "Sex Sux (Amen)" Sub Pop reissue I'm liking very much and doesn't it go really well with the Tyvek?
5. Blank Dogs, "Tin Birds" More lo-fi, subtley Cure-like in the bass, but so fuzzy, you're not exactly willing to put your reputation on the comparison.
6. Lali Puna, "I Like Rain" from that NZ cover compilsation. The original's by JPS Experience.
7. Jeffrey Lewis, "Mini Theme: Moocher from the Future" Nice bit of whimsy from the graphic novelist, anti-folk songwriter. This may have been one of the 70s songs referenced above.
8. Jack O and the Tennessee Tearjerkers, "Blood Bank Blues," My current favorite Oblivians side project...though this could change any any time.
9. Those Darlins' "Wild One" More Tennessee, this time all girls and pretty damned country for an aging punk like me.
10. Sir Richard Bishop, "Barbary" From the guy's Arab album, though possibly one of the least Arab songs on it.
11. Six Organs of Admittance, "Cover Your Wounds With Sky" More guitar, more effects, very nice.
12. John Vanderslice, "Carina Constellation," My pick off The Romanian Names, which is to say a tall-ish dwarf. Clearly one of the 70s objectionables.
13. PJ Harvey and John Parish, "Black Hearted Love" Might be interviewing Parish later, not sure.
14. Crystal Antlers, "Tentacles," Great band, lousy interview, more later.
15. Oneida, "I Will Haunt You," Have I mentioned how much I like Oneida? Thought so, sorry.
16. Big Business, "I Got It Online," Two guys who are best known as late additions to the Melvins, kind of a weird, choral harmonized metal record.

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