Monday, May 11, 2009

Two new reviews

Weird. I thought I'd done this earlier, but now the post isn't there, so I assume dial-up strikes again. I'm at the library and have WIFI for the moment, so let's try again...

I had two new reviews up today.

One, really lovely stuff, is a solo debut by Sharon Van Etten, up today at Dusted.

I called Because I Was In Love "quietly riveting, translucently pure, and infused with eccentric intelligence. " Read all about it here.

She's singing "Consolation Prize" in this video:

Also, reviewed two Dukes of Stratosphear records, a mid-1980s side project of XTC in Blurt...super fun stuff, very psychadelic 1960s, though obviously about 20 years after the fact. Here's the review.

And here's a video of "Mole from the Ministry"

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