Monday, May 4, 2009

I blame you!

My Obits review ran on Friday at Blurt…as I think I might have mentioned, “Widow of My Dreams” has become a bit of an obsession lately, possibly my favorite song of 2009. (The album is quite good, too, though maybe not top ten as a whole.)

Here’s a bit from my review:

Rick Froberg's post-Hot Snakes outfit has been a long time in gestation, surfacing last year in shows in Brooklyn and Philadelphia, and immediately setting off mp3-trading, word-of-mouth anticipation. The full-length, coming about 12 months after that, delivers on the promise of early live bootlegs, with killer cuts like "Widow of My Dreams," and "Two Headed Coins," cleaned up but still smouldery, a haze of hallucinatory smoke hanging over their blues-rock grooves. Hot Snakes fans have been vocal about the fact that Obits is not the old band, and they're absolutely right. Froberg's spat, sneered vocals are familiar - as in Hot Snakes, he tosses lyrics over the side of a moving musical vehicle, sung lines dopplering off into the distance as the train moves relentlessly forward. Still, there's a stretched, zoned-out quality to Obits best cuts that feels less like flame-throwing garage rock, more like smouldery, long-distance blues.

And the rest:

“Pine On”

Also, went to see Mogwai/Twilight Sad on Saturday night, really good, have to to try to write something before I forget what my notes meant...we had an all-day track meet on Saturday and Sean took 3 seconds off his 400 time. I ran 12 miles on Sunday and then we went to see the new X-Men Origins movie. Exhausting weekend, but fun. I could use about a week of sleep.

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