Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New mix

Hey, I've got some more tunes for you all to check out.

1. Zero Boys, "Livin' in the 1980s"
2. Wax Museums "Safety in Numbers"
3. Eddy Current Supression Ring "Which Way to Go"
4. The Coathangers, "Stomp Stomp Stompin'"
5. Aidan Moffat and the Best-Ofs, "Big Blonde"
6. Mystery track (big commercial band, kind of nervous about tagging it...hope you, too, will enjoy it)
7. D. Rider, "Touchy"
8. Heavy Hands, "She Got It"
9. The Gris Gris, "Big Engine Nazi Kid Daydream"
10. Nels Cline, "Prayer Wheel"
11. Alex Cline "Clearing our Streams"
12. High Places, "Banana Slug/Cosmonaut"
13. Mirah, "Shells"
14. M. Ward (w/Lucinda Williams) "Oh Lonesome Me"
15. Loney Dear' "Everything Turns to You"
16. Wild Light, "Lawless River"

I might do some explication later...hard cases will like the first half best.


robp said...

I think the Zero Boys were around about the same time yr mystery band was starting out. Still dislike that mystery band, ain't even made it to their track yet, just distinctly remember the first song of theirs I ever heard sounded like it copped the main guitar lick from Blue Oyster Cult. Except Buck Dharma's a much better guitarist.

Hi Jen, I'm sure I'll love this, just caught the track listings before playing it back. Time to put a new Jenmix in the car, make the drive to work enjoyable.

cuddlefish said...

Are they reissuing the Zero Boys?
Lovin' the Eddy Current Supression Ring album :)

jenniferpkelly said...

Hey Rob, yes, in fact the Zero Boys were around in Indianapolis at the same time that I was desperately bored about 125 miles away in fort wayne. Fuck, wish I'd known.

I hope you do like it.

and Clif, yes, Zero Boys are out on Secretly Canadian again (another Indiana's almost like being Irish).

Derek Sunshine said...

I like that Zero Boy's cut as well. Between that and the Volcano Sun's reissue, there is some good old rockin' to be had.

jenniferpkelly said...

Yeah, I feel like I missed most of the good stuff in the 1980s...all I remember is Duran Duran.

cuddlefish said...

The Friday Random Ten is back.