Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pollard again…give this man a medal

Robert Pollard’s new band, The Boston Spaceships, is at it again, with its second full-length in just under a year. There were two Pollard solo albums during the same span of time, so he is definitely not fading out easy. But quantity seems to have very little impact on quality, except maybe a positive one, because The Planets Are Blasted is maybe even slightly better than Brown Submarine, which is to say very, very good.

My Blurt review enthused, “Beery romantic that he is, though, Pollard saves his loveliest tunes for the ladies. ‘Dorothy's a Planet’ is flat out gorgeous, its folk melody unspooling languidly over bristling thickets of distorted guitar, while ‘Catherine in Mid October,’ is pure gentle bliss, as inevitable and tuneful as Big Dipper's ‘She's Fetching,’ though twice as odd.” More.

Here’s Bob performing “Dorothy’s a Planet”

And “You Satisfy Me”

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