Monday, February 9, 2009

The Gris Gris…live but not for long

The Gris Gris is Greg Ashley’s psych-garage-blues band, and they’ve made a couple of studio albums that sound, basically, like live recordings. (Fuzzy, loud, distorted.) So it probably makes sense that they would wind things up with a live album, recorded at the Creamery, which is where Ashley lives and works. It’s the kind of album you can get lost in, and not in a good way…it takes a couple of listens, maybe as many as five, to start making sense of it. But there’s something there definitely and it’s probably pretty amazing if you’re there. Unfortunately, you probably weren’t, and the Gris Gris is all over now…one good reason to check out Live at the Creamery on Birdman Records.

My full review is up now at Blurt.

This is “Apple Pie and Genocide”

I'm working on a kind of anti-Valentine's Day mix for Lucy and whoever else is interested...stay tuned.

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