Saturday, February 21, 2009

Catatonic Youth

WFMU's starting a Free Music Archive, with freely downloadable mp3s from all kinds of bands. There's a beta site up now, which you can poke around in, but also, they're having a concert at Bell House in early April to raise money for the project. The Oh Sees, Excepter, Catatonic Youth and Pink Skull are playing, and guess what, there are free mp3s from all four bands on the site.

My favorite, though is "Control My Gun" from Catatonic Youth.

Here's Catatonic Youth covering the best Stooges song in the world.

I don't know a thing about Catatonic Youth otherwise...anyone?


robp said...

are you just trying to start an argument with that 'best stooges song' bit? that wasn't search & destroy. well done though, and at least in this video that singer's really ugly. which of course i'm in favor of; we can't all be pretty boys like iggy. and no, i don't know anything about a current band that you know nothing about, but i guess there's the outside chance that question was directed elsewhere.

jenniferpkelly said...

yes, let's fight about the best Stooges song ever, Rob...we'll use broken bottles to settle it, or maybe molten wax?

I can't see the guy very well, so I'll take your word about the ugly bit, not that it matters. (How could it possibly matter?)

Anyway, nice weekend?

We were in NYC which was fun.