Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Slipped discs

PopMatters is running the first half of its annual “here’s what we really liked” feature, where every writer gets to pick one or two discs that didn’t make the big year-end list. I got two this year and people who know me are quite possibly sick of hearing about both. This is the last time, I promise, that I write anything about Alejandro Escovedo’s Real Animal or the Dirtbombs’ We Have You Surrounded.

Both are in section two here, but the whole thing is interesting.


robp said...

Section 2, part 1, I need a frigging map here. Oh wait, I hear they have these things called links.

jenniferpkelly said...

sorry, i thought I put links in.

The main section:

The page with my stuff on it:

robp said...

Well, the word "links" in my comment is a link to the page you're on. Who cares about anyone else?