Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crazy Dreams Band

Another good one from Holy Mountain, this EP from Crazy Dreams Band, reviewed in today’s Dusted.

I said:
“Last year’s Sacred Mountain demonstrated that Lexie Mountain can do damned near anything with her voice. Clicks, growls, croons, giggles, woofs, twangs and in-jokes are nothing to this woman. She and her all-girl “Boys” formed an entire a capella orchestra, with percussion, strings, horns and woodwinds emerging from the epiglottal area (and sometimes from feet, hands and fingers). What she didn’t do, mostly, was conventional singing, but that was never because she was incapable of it. Here, on an apparently one-off collaboration with Religious Knives and Mouthus drummer Nate Nelson, noise artist Chiara Giovando, bassist Jake Freeman and moog/guitarist Nick Becker, she’s back to prove that she could also be a 1960s diva, singing not quite conventionally, but certainly in the rock idiom. She sounds, here, like a younger, looser, funkier Grace Slick or a slightly more humorous Sandra Barrett (of Major Stars).”


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