Thursday, January 15, 2009

Skeletons, Slaraffenland and Chris Brokaw (again) at Blurt

I’ve got three reviews up this week at Blurt, all pretty good records.

First Slaraffenland “five guys, from Denmark and Sweden, coax a warm, communal jazz-tinged vibe. They play a near orchestra’s worth of winds, percussion, brass and guitars, all with laid-back skill.”

“Love Potion”

Then Skeletons with their “dense, syncopated percussion, a body-moving groove, abstract, not-very-linear lyrics, and a deep, compelling strangeness.”


And finally Chris Brokaw, whose review also turned up in the digital almost-like-print edition, but it’s online now. I called it “a brief but wonderful exploration of the acoustic and electric, blues-traditional and experimental byways he and his guitar have travelled.”

His MySpace


x.- said...

Brokaw is a very interesting musician.

jenniferpkelly said...

Yes, lots of interests all over the place, but good at almost everything.