Tuesday, January 6, 2009

REM reduxe

Not to go all old fart on you, but I have been really enjoying the two-disc reissue of REM’s Murmur, which Bill got me for Christmas this year. It’s been remixed to give more equal weighting to all the instruments (you can hear the bass), and there’s a second live disc from right around the time of release. I still probably like Reckoning a little better, but this is good stuff.

The original IRS promo for the album

“Radio Free Europe”, live in March 1983


Derek Sunshine said...

From the live video, my two thoughts were -

1. Who's that guy singing with the curly hair?

2. They were opening for the English Beat?

Of course, the English Beat were labelmates on I.R.S.

jenniferpkelly said...

Hi, Jack!

1. Not everyone has their same hair from 1983. Really. Mine is much longer and messier.

2. The English Beat (or just the Beat) was pretty credible at the time...and that stuff holds up just fine, to my ears. Better than, say, the Police or the Human League anyway.

Ever see them? I never have, and now it's way too late.

Derek Sunshine said...

Ever see them? I never have, and now it's way too late.

I saw them on the Reckoning tour in 1984. I may have seen them a second time later in the 80s.