Saturday, October 4, 2008

New mix

I made a mix of stuff that I’ve been listening to lately, mostly for reviews and interviews. Here’s a track listing:

Katjon Band “Red Flag” This Jon Langford and Kat from the Ex in a sort of one-off collaborion.

Wilderness “Strand the Test of Time” I'm interviewing these guys for Copper Press by email sometime idea what to ask them.

Fabulous Diamonds, “Untitled” Fantastic no waver duo from Australia, check out the detuned sax at the end.

Palms, “Monte Alban” Really hard-to-classify, trans-continental duo with a new-ish album out on Rare Book Room, which used to be mostly a studio but somehow turned into a label.

Starlite Desperation, “We Don’t Do Time” Fuck yeah, rock and roll.

Jay Reatard, “Painted Shut” See above.

Boston Spaceships, “Two Girl Area” Pollard with a pretty damn good band sounding exactly like himself...a good thing in my book.

Mogwai, “Batcat” The loud one on their new album.

All the Saints, “Fire on Corridor X” New psych-grunge-heavy band from Atlanta that got signed to Touch & Go while I wasn't looking.

XX Teens, “Round” Hmmm...already fading on this one, but I do like the drums. Anybody else thinking "Keep them Separated" by the Offspring?

Giant Sand, “Muck Machine” My fave track off proVISIONS with that loopy, bloopy bass line.

Hush Arbors, “The Light” This is one of the louder, more rock-oriented tracks off a really beautiful new freak folkish outing from Sun Burned Hand of the Man's Keith Wood.

Woven Hand, “The Beautiful Axe” My favorite Old Testament prophet/Joy Division fan, Dave Eugene his new album Ten Stones.

Boduf Songs, “Spirit Harness” So quiet, so devastating.

Larkin Grimm, “Ride that Cyclone” Omigod, just interviewed this woman, Michael Gira's latest find, here backed by his other new band, Fire on Fire...crazy, dark bluegrass sort of.

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan, “Back Burner” Also talked to Isobel finally, who said that the guitar lick at the end of this piece (Dave MacGowan BTW) is her very favorite sound on the excellent Sunday at Devil Dirt.

Here's the link:


robp said...

hey, this is a fucking amazing mix. although i was working at my pc and accidentally started playing it this afternoon, didn't know what the hell those noises at the start of the first song were or where they were coming from. and you thought i might not like all of this. "jenny, so shy." keep em comin.

jenniferpkelly said...

Hi, Rob, thanks...those are pretty strange sounds, aren't they? The first four songs are all about the drums, then there's three-four garage-rockers and then some freak folk. I was trying to get Genghis Tron into the mix, but it just doesn't work with anything else on my computer.

Cody B said...

Hey, long time no eeee. I grabbed it and will check it out soon. Hope all is well.