Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Gist of it, Glenn Mercer is famous again...but what about Roy Harper?

I bought a really interesting reissue over the weekend, mostly because it was on the Cherry Red Label and knowing zero about the band except that they were mostly likely part of that weird underground post-punk early 1980s UK scene that I like so much. Open the packaging to find that The Gist is Stuart Moxham's post-Young Marble Giants band...significantly poppier and way more influenced by soul and disco (I'm guessing Scritti Politti was on his turntable at some point). Super fun stuff.

One of those "not really a videos" of "Love at First Sight"

In other news, PopMatters, which held onto to my Glenn Mercer interview for months and months because it wasn't important enough, today has posted another Glenn Mercer interview...because now that the Feelies have reformed and played with Sonic Youth, the pooh-bahs know he's significant. It's a thankless job being right, y'know?

Anyway, here's the interview:

"Crazy Rhythms" live

And at Dusted, they are all over the Roy Harperreissues today. Wonder how long it'll take PM to run my Roy Harper interview? (Hey, Sonic Youth, could you guys play a show with him, too, so they'll get that he's a genius? Just asking.)

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