Monday, December 20, 2010


Another winner from the Detroit band with the funny name…My review, up at Blurt today, goes like this:

“Cranked, cracked, bashed and frantic, Tyvek's second full-length pogos on a tightrope. There's an abyss dropping away on either side, an endless bottom one missed mortgage payment or judicial crack-up away. And yet a sense of manic joy permeates, too. "Potato" swings hard on a one-two pendulum, rushed as a late commuter, yet has time, lyrically, for a recipe for hash browns and a bout of make-up sex. "Animals" is as straight up as a hard-core song can be, its toughness undermined only slightly by the kitty mews near its final blow-up. Tyvek reminds you that the great punk bands had a sense of humor, or at least of absurdity, and that rage by itself gets boring.”

There’s more

“Underwater To”


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cuddlefish said...

I just got this album over the weekend and am looking forward to hearing it. Two new albums that I have had the pleasure of listening to are Hard Times by The Blue Squares and Seeking Love by Bare Wires. The former is Detroit freakbeat and the latter is some nice Bay Area hard edged power pop.

BTW Jennifer, Denver is treating me alright. I've only seen two live shows so far (Little Fyodor and Nuns of Brixton) as I don't get out much.