Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Liz Janes

Liz Janes' Say Goodbye is one of the most beautiful albums of this late 2010 season,and I spent a little time a few weeks ago talking to Liz about the songs, the way she made them while spending most of her time with her two young kids, and the people who helped her flesh them out. The result is what I think of as quite a good feature, though obscure enough that probably no one will read it, which went up yesterday at Blurt.

Here's a link.

"I Don't Believe"

I took down the last mix, BTW, because "Rob," who runs some sort of Mogwai blog, seemed to object. I think of these things as sort of like making mixes for friends, technically illegal, too, but no one cares. Anyway, I guess they're more public than I thought and people mind, so whatever, I'll stop doing it. (Oddly enough, someone from Drag City contacted me, too, but not to protest, just to say that I'd gotten one of the track titles wrong. It was wrong when I pulled it up in iTunes, in my defense.)

I should probably also retract the bit about Laetitia Sadier, who provided pretty good email responses to my questions yesterday, so that story is on again. It'll be at Blurt probably within a week or two, and if not, after the holidays.


Rob said...

I have no problem with people posting mixes online, in many cases they're useful for the bands concerned.

When those mixes consist of music not scheduled for release for two months and obtained through journalistic privilege, I would have thought a degree of common sense about whether it's appropriate to post would kick in. Obviously not.

jenniferpkelly said...

It's gone now. Have a nice day.

Jean-Luc Garbo said...

Now I'm really glad I've got your mix! My sister was rather happy to hear about that Mogwai track.

jenniferpkelly said...

Oh well, I'm glad someone's happy. It's a really good album, that Mogwai.