Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No Age

It kind of sucks that I don’t get promos from Sub Pop anymore, at least not regularly. (I did receive the very excellent new Kelley Stoltz and went to work on it immediately, doing a Blurt interview with the guy with almost no help from the publicist. My friend Stoo ended up getting me in touch with Kelley…what do publicists do? Remind me. Anyway, my point is that I have never been anything but a good proposition for Sub Pop and they cut me off anyway, so whatever…)

But the real point is that I won’t be reviewing, or even really listening to, the new No Age, despite the fact that I would most likely really enjoy it and give it a good review, at least based on this free mp3 which I got, not from Sub Pop, but from Large Hearted Boy, who is evidently still on their list.

It’s called “Glitter.” Enjoy it. Enjoy it more because you don’t have to write about it.


robp said...

A shame, Jen. Did No Age have an lp last year? I think that's the one I have and like. Now, what's this about the new Kelley Stoltz?

robp said...

Btw, seen this?


jenniferpkelly said...

I don't know what No Age has been up to, sadly. It must be a SECRET!

Re: Kelley, he's got a new album coming in October called To Dreamers, which is excellent and, unusually, has a cover on it.

He's doing a CD release show in your neck of the woods. You should go.

I think Ty Segall is becoming the Gen Y version of Robert Pollard...lots and lots of records...a new one every few weeks and, surprisingly, all pretty good.