Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How can I, how can I, stop in the middle?

I wonder if Graveface is really his name? If not, he sure likes the sound of it, since Ryan Graveface has named both his one-man band and his label Graveface. The label, you might know as the home of Black Moth Super Rainbow, a trippy, synthy, altogether fantastic psych-pop-break-beat outfit that Graveface sometimes plays bass in. The band, you also might have heard of, a year or two ago when I reviewed The Long Forgotten Friend for PopMatters. I liked it a lot. I like the new one modestly less, though it’s not exactly a throwaway. I noted, at Venus last week, that it has “a far more rustic aesthetic than on The Long Forgotten Friend, spurning the shimmer of sustained guitars and lulling prettiness of reverbed vocals for a four-square, heel-rocking country feel”

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“Magnesium Light”

I’m back from Indiana and very glad to be here, though school’s started and we are all getting up at 5:30 again, ugh.

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