Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How does all the liquor make the heart grow fonder?

I had a review of the new Limes album Rhinestone River on Friday at Dusted. It's another of Goner's blues-garage offerings, led by Shawn Cripps (who played on one of my favorite albums, Mr. Airplane Man's Cmon DJ) and supported by Harlan T. Bobo, whom I've written about here before.

Here's a bit from the review:

Cripps slouches at the center of this casual mesh of talent, moving the songs along with slow blues-guitar licks and spoke-sung verses, widely spaced with contemplation and punctuated, occasionally by high hillbilly falsetto. His never-any-hurry delivery — he sounds like a bluesier Bill Callahan — twists ordinary imagery into vaguely surreal shapes…a cigarette machine’s lights turning psychedelic in “Rhinestone River,” midway lights and rollercoasters taking on mythic shape in “Rusty Old Clock.” Bobo is his chief partner in musical conversation, nudging the action forward with slumberous bass lines, adding ghostly commentaries on a variety of keyboards, and, at one point, banging on the piano like a cakewalk madman.

The rest of the review is here:

A video of Limes at SXSW


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