Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Live from the Hartford's the Graves Bros. Deluxe

"The Graves Brothers Deluxe, out of San Francisco, is maybe the best band you never heard of, a bass-heavy, Beefheart-bent trio, reared on a steady diet of punk rock, New Orleans funk and late night jazz," sez I, just a day or so ago, in BLurt.

The occasion was a review of San Malo...the trio's latest album, which is just as skankily wonderful as previous efforts.

The rest of the review is here.

I interviewed Stoo a long time ago for Splendid. Want to read it?

Their Diana Ross cover always cracks me up

But this one is more recent, and actually from San Malo

I'm on my way to Indiana for a few days to see my parents, just now in the lovely Hartford Airport. (Which has free wireless!)

More recent stuff at the MySpace

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