Saturday, December 13, 2008

Still no power

...and the newspaper is saying it will take a week to ten days in some spots. Hope we're not one of those spots.

Five worst things about no power:
5. No email, except at the library
4. No hot food
3. No light
2. No heat (it's going down to 5 below tonight...we do have a wood stove, fortunately)
1. No water, so you can't flush the toilet

But think of all the oil we're saving this week.

Had a shower today at the YMCA today and feel positively giddy about it.


michaelDUSTdevil said...

showers heal most ills...

robp said...

That toilet bit - and you live somewhere that gets cold - jesus, Jen, best to ya, take care, but I think it's after OPEC meets next week that you're really gonna wanna save oil. You can still play music, right?

Two couches and some living room floor in California if y'all have to evacuate. (Nature, what kind of idiot invented that shit?)


jenniferpkelly said...

We're on day three now. It's a bit warmer today. Last night it went down into the teens...brrr.

No word on when the power'll be back. There's a utility pole in our front yard that looks like matchsticks on top where the tree fell on it. (The crews cut off the top of the tree, but it is still definitely a leaner and may cause more trouble when the ground unfreezes enough for it to fall.)

But, fortunately, nothing hit the house, the pipes haven't frozen yet, we have two cords of wood and a woodstove and it's not hard to drive to place with power for food and so forth. Oh, yeah, the beer is down in the cellar and it is very, very cold.

So that's all right.