Monday, April 1, 2013


Really liking this epic, orchestral guitar metal album from Survival which is primarily Hunter Hunt-Hendrix of the Brooklyn avant-metal outfit Liturgy, but also Greg Smith and Jeff Bobula. The band has been around for a long time, and used to be known as Birthday Boy. I listened to the album (which is self-titled) twice at the gym today, fairly loud, and was blown away by the intricate, cerebral gorgeousness of these thundering, riff-based songs. "Tragedy of the Mind" will give you a flavor, part Sabbbath, part Gregorian chant, part experimental prog. It's actually not very good working out music in one way, because the time signatures are always changing and you sort of lose your place in whatever measure you were in, but that's not a terrible thing if you're not holding a benchpress or something. (I was mostly running and biking, personally.)

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