Monday, April 15, 2013

Is it not cool to like the Oh Sees anymore?

Otis with a kinda snotty tweet about my Oh Sees review...

But fuck it, I do like the album, the band, the whole scene around it, so I guess I'm a dweeb...again.

My review at Dusted ends like this:

“Minotaur,” oddly both the album’s first single and its closing track, dips further into late Beatles psychedelia, with its rough vibrations of cello and its vocal counterpoints. “La la la la la la,” Dwyer barks, amid string flourishes and pretty pop fancies, and you can hear the punk past, the propulsive present and the baroque psych experiment all melding stitch-less-ly into one of indie rock’s most idiosyncratic wholes. Lots of bands that record one or more albums per year are just crapping out more of the same. Thee Oh Sees continue to mutate in fascinating ways.

Want to read the beginning? It's here.

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