Sunday, September 9, 2012

Listen to Sabbath much?

I finally got to Golden Void's self-titled debut, an album that has been lurking on my iPod for a week or two but that, somehow, seems immune to random play. So anyway, it's on Thrill Jockey, led by Isaiah Mitchell from Earthless, and leans heavily on the kind of epic, heavy, oddly melodic theatrics of the first couple of Sabbath albums. There's even a long trippy outro called "Atlantis" that reminds me of "Planet Caravan." Not that sounding like Sabbath is a bad thing, not that it's even that unusual, but still, you can't help noticing...The name might be a Hawkwind reference. There's a Hawkwind song called "Void of Golden Light"...or it might not be. In any case, 1960s-influenced heaviness, lightened just perceptibly by really on-key melodies and some interesting keyboard work.

Here's "The Curve"

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