Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Estrogen Highs

I've personally never experienced an estrogen high, but judging by this New Haven lo-fi band's output, I'd say it's a foggy, messy, somewhat disorganized form of exhilaration that lasts 2-3 minutes at a time. My review of Irrelevant Future runs today at Dusted.

Estrogen Highs
Irrelevant Future
Trouble in Mind

Estrogen Highs makes cheerfully messy, sloppy garage pop, alternately strung out and loose like The Clean at its least premediated, and punching and popping with punk-ish energy a la Tyvek or Nodzzz. The band, which hails from the townie end of New Haven, Conn., makes a modest artform out of disintegration, its shout-along choruses dissolving into clouds of fuzz.

A bit less structured, even, than the slackest, slyest pop deconstructionists — I’m thinking The Beets and maybe Times New Viking — Estrogen Highs works mostly at the level of vibe and aura. You’ll find a radiant jangle here, a scrabbly racket of drums there, an unhurried, mostly untuneful approach to singing everywhere, but not much in the way of songs you can hum in the shower.


P.S. Root canal yesterday, feeling better, slept all the way through for the first time in three days...quarterly taxes today, broke tomorrow.

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