Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This new Megafaun is extremely good...

...much better and certainly more interesting than hyped-to-the-gills Bon Iver.

"Life's not fair," I say (in my Jeremy Irons doing Scar the lion voice), but it's kind of a trip, anyway. Here's a bit from my review, up today at Blurt.

"Megafaun's self-titled album seamlessly integrates an easy-going tuneful-ness with a nearly mystical devotion to tone and texture. Better recording quality helps. These are tunes that have a lot of parts, and the extreme clarity of sound allows you to hear them all at once, separately and together. It's like peering to the bottom of a very deep, very clear pond. But more than that, the Cook brothers, Phil and Brad, and Joe Westerlund, seem to have found a balance between the warmth and purity of their country rock influences and the intellectual challenge of continuing experimentation. This is the album that pulls it together, their best yet, and who knows, maybe the one that will get people to say, '"Justin Vernon? Isn't he the guy that left Megafaun just before they hit it big?'"



I went to see Sidi Toure last night and had a pretty good time. More on that later.

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