Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mark Sultan's Whatever/Whenever

Had an entertaining troll through Mark Sultan's blog to write this review of the one-CD summary of two vinyl records, all of it out now on In the Red. I concluded: There’s a powerful, surprisingly complicated interplay of emotional currents in these songs, so that even in the most overt party anthems (the Jay Reatard-ish “Let Me Freeze,” for instance) have a raw and wounded underbelly. That’s probably what makes them interesting, in a way that most 1960s-referencing garage rock is not. Mark Sultan breathes fire into genres that, in most hands, only gather dust. He’s learned to embrace his anger, and if that doesn’t save rock ‘n’ roll, it does at least make for a gripping take on it.

The whole review


marksultan said...

hi! thanks for the kind review. i just wanted to point out that the text you referenced was specifically for a free album download that i released called 'the war on rock'n'roll', and its facetiousness may not translate well onto these albums (that cd).
check out the free album here:

jenniferpkelly said...

Hi, thanks. I'm forwarding your note to Otis (who edits Dusted) so I don't know, maybe he can put a parenthetical note about what you were specifically talking about.

It's sort of up to him, though.