Friday, February 4, 2011

Shipping News

I’m a bit late on the Shipping News’ One Less Heartless to Fear, which came out last November on Noise Pollution Records. Better late than never, though, because this is exactly the kind of bass-clanking, drum-battering, politically-engaged rant that I like best. Slint and the rest of the Midwestern post-rock contingent are the easy reference here, since the principals all come from Louisville, Kentucky. Jason Noble and Jeff Mueller were in Rodan with Tara Jane O’Neill. Todd Cook, the bass player, used to be in June of 44. You can also hear links to the heaviest, most abrasive sorts of post-punkers – Gang of Four (early on), Volcano Suns and, in a more modern vein, Black Helicopter.

The single, which is called “The Delicate,” is fierce and noisy and uncompromising, maybe the best song on the disc. It’s available on Soundcloud if you want to check it out.

There’s also a live video of “The Antebellum”

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