Thursday, February 24, 2011


Geez, I leave town for a couple of days and all this stuff runs. Today it’s my interview with Luyas’ Jessie Stein, who seemed like a very cool, confident but still kinda nice chick…I made her slightly late for yoga class and she didn’t seem to care at all.

Anyway here’s the start of my article, up now at Blurt.

"When we started the Luyas, the concept was that there were no rules about what it had to be or what it had to sound like," says Luyas singer Jessie Stein. "The band was conceived as a band for fun."

The Luyas have been keeping it fun for roughly half a decade now, playing secret shows in and around Montreal, relying on non-traditional rock instruments like French Horn, strings and a 12-string, three-bridged lute called a Moodswinger, and recording two albums. The first, Faker Death came out as a self-release in August 2007 and was reissued the following January on Pome Records. The second, Too Beautiful To Work, arrived this week on the much larger, much more visible Dead Oceans label.


"Too Beautiful to Work"

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