Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Reading Rainbow.

I used to watch Reading Rainbow when I was young, not as much as Sesame Street, but some...I was weirdly fascinated with educational shows at one point. Anyway, there's a band called Reading Rainbow now down in Philly, just two people, a boy and a girl, making bash and pop garage rock with a surprisingly sweet-sad element of choral harmony spliced in. I ended my Dusted review by saying, “There’s a slow song hidden within every fast one here, a choral elegy spliced into even the peppiest banger. Here’s what happens when you shine punk rock energy through a prism, and it breaks into a million different colors.”


"Wasting Time" (via Gorilla Vs. Bear)


Meatbreak said...

Hey JK. I saw your review of this yesterday, I think you totally nailed it, the layered/shifted/looped/lopsided vocal technique is quite kalaedescopic. Sounds loads like Giant Drag too. This band and No Joy have both made me realise that maybe I like that kind of 90's US stuff more than I thought, even if I still don't really get Dinosaur Jr. Or maybe I only like these reworked 2010 versions.

jenniferpkelly said...

Oh, thanks, yeah, the singing is what distinguishes this from about 100 other bands. I kinda missed the mid-1990s, music-wise, due to some family stuff (my son was born in 1995), but maybe I'll look up some Giant Drag now.