Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Moaners

Had another review up today at Blurt, this time of the Moaners, a two-woman, country blues band out of North Carolina that used to be on Yep Roc (where they were, I think, the only women on the label) and now release via smaller, more local Holiday for Quince.

I said:

The Moaners are often compared to the White Stripes, but it's more telling to set them up against the late, lamented Mr. Airplane Man. Where the Boston blues duo flirted with the glossiness of girl-group rock and roll, the giddy amp distortion of urban garage rock, the Moaners are all back porch stoicism. Even the most electrified, rollicking tracks on this third full-length sound hand-cranked and home-made, and the 12/8 waltzes (traditional "Moonshiner", traditional-sounding "Raggedy Tune", and wonderful saw-inflected "Blue Moon") have the ache of deep country longing.


“Humid Air”

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