Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Finally getting into Street Songs of Love

So, you probably already know this. Alejandro Escovedo has had a new album out since last summer. It's called Street Songs of Love, and it's got guest shots by people like Ian Hunter and Springsteen. Actually in all fairness, I remember Alejandro talking about Ian Hunter in fairly worshipful terms as far back as 1996, and I'm not saying he wasn't doing it before then. If he's got enough juice now to get Mr. Mott the Hoople to sing with him, good for him, it's about time.

Anyway, I was underwhelmed with the new album the first time thorugh, admittedly in the car and not paying full attention, but I listened to it this morning and it seems less glad-handed and more soulful than I thought at first.

It's still a little less raw and personal than The Boxer and, at least to me, less devastatingly wonderful than Real Animal. You can sort of tell he's been touring with Springsteen, if you know what I mean, there's a degree of effort and showmanship that wasn't so obvious before.

But anyway, it's new Alejandro and that's a good thing. Here he is playing Letterman. About time for that, too.


Jean-Luc Garbo said...

I wondered when you'd get to this. I can't say I was disappointed, just underwhelmed. I can see the Alejandro I love in the songs, but the production makes them too slick. It's not horrible, but not as distinct as the last two. I think it picks up in the second half, though. I could have gone for more of that side. At least he's still here and moving on I guess.

jenniferpkelly said...

Hmmm, you might be right about the second half picking up (you're certainly on about the "slick" factor)...I kinda like "Tula".

It seems a lot less honest than either Real ANimal or Boxing Mirror to me, that's all.