Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cloud Nothings…and a scathing review of Brian Eno

I reviewed Cloud Nothings, another one of those solo bedroom pop artists who has grown into lo-fi garage outfit, for Dusted today. I actually liked the record a whole lot, at least the end of it, and look forward to hearing whatever’s next for this band…if you like Wild Nothing at all, it’s a pretty good bet, soft, diffuse garage pop with a little eccentricity and originality starting to show through.

Anyway, the review is here.

“Hey Cool Kid”

My favorite Cloud Nothings song is “Morgan”

But really, the Dusted review you should read today is Brandon Bussolini’s take-down of Brian Eno…possibly my favorite slam for the whole year.

I haven’t heard the record, by the way, so I’m judging strictly on the basis of entertainment value and writing quality.


Syd The Squid said...

yes, that Eno thing was a pleasure to read...

jenniferpkelly said...

Really imaginatively, entertainingly nasty.