Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Am I shallow enough to care about this? You bet.

Grayson Currin quotes an old interview I did with Gary Higgins in his not-very-favorable review of the songwriter’s first album of new material in 40-some years. I am oddly touched that anyone still reads anything from Splendid, which, in retrospect, was the best music-writing gig I ever had. (It was unpaid and an unending amount of work, but I could interview anyone I wanted to and it would run within a month, sometimes within days.)

Here’s the Pitchfork review (a 3.2, ouch!).

And here’s my interview with Gary.


Ian said...

I completely understand caring about that sort of thing. So, congratulations!

currincy said...

It was a very good, very informative interview. Glad it still existed.

jenniferpkelly said...

Oh thanks, it totally made my day to see it in print.