Monday, November 30, 2009

The Axemen live on WFMU

I know I’m not the only one around here who’s a tad obsessed with the New Zealand sound…a scene which can easily be oversimplified as fuzzy, strummy, melodic lo-fi pop. There’s more to it, obviously, some much rougher, punk-ier stuff like the Axemen, who did a live show on WFMU last week.

Here’s Brian Turner’s description of the show and the band
One of the big touring surprises for 2009 has to be the visit of New Zealand's legendary Axemen to U.S. shores. The band began in Christchurch in 1981 and stood somewhat aside of the pop path exhibited by much of the the Flying Nun label roster, but are without doubt one of the more fascinating Kiwi exports. Various live shows and releases displayed a loose but virulent amalgamation of avant-garage, Half Japanese style sax primitivism, confusion, and general air of maladjusted greatness. They've got two reissues "Big Cheap Motel" and "Scary!" out now on Siltbreeze, and are hitting the road coast to coast with Times New Viking. You can see them Nov 27th in Columbus and 28th in Chicago. More info at their Axeblog and My Space. Stevie McCabe: Guitar/vox, Stu Kawowski: drums, Bob Brannigan: guitar/bs/vox, Dragan Stojanovic: bass/gtr/vox. Thanks to the Axemen, Adam and Times New Viking, Jason and Alex, and Tom Lax. Songs today: Be My Slave / Nutsack / Shacked Up In Yr Egyptian Tomb / Barney Rubble / Loosely Breathren / Carmen On Ice / Baby Eater / Made 2 Die / (Interview). Download this set via the Free Music Archive!

You can listen to the show here

Or download it here

Hope you all had a nice weekend and, if you celebrate Thanksgiving, a good one of those, too.

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