Friday, August 28, 2009

Sleeping is so underrated

My son, Sean, just started high school on Wednesday, which means, among other things, that he has to catch a 6:22 a.m. bus and we are all getting up at 5:30 to see him off. (I believe they start early so as to get the kids home early in the afternoon, so they have a couple of hours to smoke pot and have sex before their parents get home.) Anyway, it’s been a little rough, getting used to this, though it does seem to make the day considerably longer and I’ve been getting a bunch of stuff done. What it makes really, really hard is going out at night, but last night I went anyway.

I went to see Black Moth Super Rainbow and Soundpool and had a really surprisingly good time. BMSR is, apparently hugely more popular than I knew…there was a line around the block to get in, and everybody in it was half my age…except for some people right behind me who seemed mostly to go to more established stuff (they were talking about the Allman brothers and Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears) and were probably still younger, but less so.

I would highly, highly recommend going to see BSMR if you get a chance…everything airy and candy-colored and trippy about their sound solidifies and becomes a lot heavier on stage. You get way more of a sense of the bass and drums (the drummer is terrifically good, almost a break-beat style, very hard and dry and syncopated) and they have a pretty amusing video show projected onto a bedsheet behind them. Soundpool was also pretty good, though more pop, sort of an Asobi Seksu…School of Seven Bells-ish female-vocals, shoegaze-y thing with, again, an excellent funk-centric drum/bass underpinning and some pretty wild effect-y stuff going on with the guitar. It’s definitely got some disco, some super pop, but also shades of kraut and MBV…wish I could have heard it better and knew the music going in.

I’ll be writing more about all that later, but in the meantime, here’s a video of each

Oh, and this was cool, my son and my husband let me sleep through the 5:30 call this morning, and I feel like a human being again today. Also no football or anything until Tuesday, so maybe we will sleep in and go to the movies this weekend.

BMSR’s “Born on a Day in the Sun”

Soundpool’s “The Divides of March”



"so as to get the kids home early in the afternoon, so they have a couple of hours to smoke pot and have sex before their parents get home"
u figured it out!

robp said...

They should keep the kids til later, say 10 pm, so the parents have a shot at pot and sex. Then the kids can go straight to bed regretting what they've missed and having one more reason to bitch about how unfair it is to be a kid.

Haven't gotten into BMSR, about to check my Itunes to see if I have a whole album. There's a whole batch of good 2008 lps that I got early 09, ain't heard enough of yet.

Librarianguish said...

The funny thing is, the kids (well, my kid anyhow) would much rather go to school later and come home later in the afternoon. He wants to sleep in, for crying out loud!

They eat lunch at 11 am. That's cruel and unusual punishment for a teen.

jenniferpkelly said...

Yes, I think it's crazy that they start the high school classes so early. HOnestly, I thought it was just a farm town thing, but maybe not if they do it in other places. What they say, if you ask them, is that they use the same busses for the high school and elementary school and they don't want the little kids waiting around in the dark for the bus.

Though Sean was always up by 6 when he was little, so I don't know.

I like your idea, Rob, but remember we're both self-employed so even having an empty house from 6 to 6 (with football) leaves lots of time for questionable behavior.

Let me know if you want some BSMR. I wouldn't necessarily pick it out as something you'd probably love, but maybe you would. (It's very synthy.)