Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Catching up on my Blurt stuff

My not entirely positive review of David Berman’s graphic book, The Portable February

My take on Choir of Young Believers’ This Is For the White In Your Eyes

“Not exactly a choir, but rather like one angelic voice defines this Danish orchestral pop project. The voice belongs to Jannis Noya Makrigiannis, once the guitar player for synth-poppy Lake Placid, now part of experimental psych outfit Mit Nye Band. But even if you're a habitué of Copenhagen's indie rock scene, those names will hardly prepare you for Choir of Young Believers. Think instead of the fragile soul-stirring of Talk Talk's quiet moments blowing up somehow into giant Coldplay-ish pop triumphs. Through it all, there is that voice, cool in tone, fluttery with feeling, embellished at times with blue-eyed soul slides and flourishes and at others cutting through masses of strings with the high, melodically charged certainty of an indie Roy Orbison.”

"Action Reaction"

A review of the second collaboration between Helena Espvall of Espers and Masaki Batoh of Ghost. It’s called Overloaded Ark.

“A year ago, the self-titled collaboration between Espers' Helena Espvall and Ghost's Masaki Batoh looked a lot like mom, bucolically serene, folk-centric and gentle. Now little brother Overloaded Ark comes along and rights the balance, bearing a stronger resemblance to Ghost's impish rhythmic gambols and tending more towards unstructured, unvocaled free improvisations than songs.”

“Suenos Con Serpientes”

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