Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Possibly the world’s most annoying band name, but still…

That would be UUVVWWZ, which doesn’t even scan in Polish. Their new album also called UUVVWWZ came out last month on Saddle Creek, and guess who reviewed it in Blurt?

I said:

UUVVWWZ (pronounced "double-you double-vee double-double-you zee" and not "you've whizzed" as we at first guessed) comes from Nebraska, but their sensibility is anything but heartland. The band's faux naïve melodies - carried by singer Teal Gardner - are chopped to bits by anarchic rhythms, exploded into gutty blues growls, firebombed by Jim Schroeder's staccato, off-riffing guitar. A hint of vulnerability drops in sometimes, as Gardner's voice flutters like a bird in a cage built of Tom Ambroz's drums criss-crossed with Dustin Wilbourn's skewed funking bass, but it is never long before she breaks out in screech or wail or vibrato-laced bleat.

The rest is here.

“Shark Suit”

“Jap Dad”

I’m supposedly interviewing Ari Up this afternoon, anybody got any killer questions? (It sounds like she runs her own interviews. I might not need much more than “hello”, but still, good to be prepared.)



yes it IS the most annoying band name ever.
they are now called you've whizzed
in my head forever
i like that better
it does not sucketh
but it is not my style either
Howdy lady.i've made the jump into the blog space from mog and multi as i was fed up

jenniferpkelly said...

Hi, Keith, I'm so glad you're here. It's kind of an echo chamber but not as overtly annoying as MOG or as RIAA-obsessed as multiply.

I'm going to go find your page and start following it.

What's new with you?


Multiply is almost dead due to twatter n facefart.
MOG is REALLY annoying these days.
nothing much,just struggling to survive and been laid off from 3 jobs in 4 months
so much new music from blogs i can't keep up!!
i guess the biggest thing over the last year or so is me and Katrina[Kat3260 from Mog] lady in my life.
dats about it girl.

jenniferpkelly said...

Yes, this economy is pretty scary. I was hardly working at all in May and June, now things are picking up a little.

Congratulations, though, on you and Kat. Love is grand, isn't it?


yes it is!
a bright spot in this dim landscape.
thanks girl