Monday, July 20, 2009

I've been least mentally

Yeah, I know, I've been pretty slack about this, not sure if anyone cares, really.

I haven't had any music stuff to post in a while, still putting it in at the top of the funnel, but it seems to be getting stuck somewhere before it comes out the bottom. Anyway, it looks like a few things will run this week. Meanwhile, what have I been doing?

1. Reading: Inkspell, yes a kid's book, my son got me hooked on this stuff. It's a fantasy where certain people can read themselves into stories and, occasionally, read characters out into the "real world." (Which is also in a book, come to think about it.) Also a really not that great book about the Australian band the Church, which I have to review fairly soon. The odd thing is that the author is just incredibly enamored of the band and Steve Kilbey, to the extent that he doesn't seem to register how psychotic the guy is. Anyway...50 pages to go on that, and then I might read the new Richard Ford book whose name escapes me at the moment, the new one in the Sportswriter trilogy.

2. Movies: Re-watched the first Lord of the Rings with Sean, who was kind of freaked out by the whole entreprise when they came out the first time and now wants to catch up. Also "12" a Russian language re-conception of the play "12 Angry Men" which at 3 hours long is a little actor-y (everybody gets a wrenching moment, which may, in certain cases, drag on for five minutes or so), but had some very fine performances.

3. Working: Not enough and not getting paid for what I've done, but I've had a couple of new projects come in lately, so maybe we will be able to scrape our way back into the middle class soon.

4. Running: I am in such awesome shape now, ten miles is nothing, and I've been doing 50-55 per week for a month and a half with no injuries. I'm starting to feel like i did when I was 28-29 again, like everything works and nothing is extraneous and I could go forever. But I suppose I really can't anymore. I've lost a few pounds without trying at all.

5. Family. Sean's in a production of Grease, now, so lots of driving again.

6. Rock 'n roll. Bought a very intriguing CD by Bobb Trimble yesterday, also caught Kurt Vile again and BLues Control for the first time last night...I have a write-up coming at some point. Both really excellent, but if you go to Blues Control bring ear plugs. I got a new CD by Yoko Ono, the other day, imagine that! Also some cool looking stuff by Slaraffenland, Malcolm Middleton, Fruit Bats, etc...

So, hopefully at some point I'll have something to say again.


Ian said...

I am hopefully reviewing that Slaraffenland for PM.

So wait, in the Church book, is it Kilbey or the author who is psychotic?

robp said...

HEY! Leave the self-deprication to the pros, you're not that good at it. How could anyone not want to read your posts? And yeah, if I'd been blogging when I was 19 I could have posted something new about music every day, but who could have read it on my typewriter (or tripe writer, as it was at the time)? Us grups got other shit to do; I'm pretty impressed with how much you manage to post.

Did you watch the LOTR dvd with the additional footage/outtakes/interviews/self-indulgences galore, especially considering the length of the movie itself. The part of that I found most interesting (I didn't watch much of it, but I'm pretty sure Nate played the whole thing) was how much all those men enjoyed being isolated with a bunch of other men, all of them dressed in costumes in the wilds of New Zealand(?) without much contact with females and feeling so comfortable just prancing about like adolescent boys.

Although, of course, my favorite scene in Lord of the Rings was this: />

jenniferpkelly said...

Hi, Ian. I haven't listened to the Slaraffenland yet...the first disc I got was messed up, and I just got a new DL yesterday. Is it good? I really like them. (I think you'll like them, too, specially since you're into Stars Like Fleas.) And re: the Church book. Kilbey is kind of a monster, even when he's not on heroin, and the author doesn't seem to notice.

Rob, christ, I'm not even good at running myself down? That's depressing.

But, no, we didn't watch the LOTR extras. (It was a rental.) Though they do sound like fun.

Also, thanks for the Townes...really good, don't you think?

Ian said...

Oh, I haven't heard the Slaraffenland yet, except for that one song you sent me a while back. I just requested it the last time PM sent out a list.