Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Book review

My review of the Robert Lurie's book on the Church runs here at Blurt today.

I like the Church, too, but holy shit, is this guy a nutter fan or what?

Still, gotta love "Milky Way"


Jean-Luc Garbo said...

Wow. Maybe "devoted" is the more PC term to use here (LOL). Your review does make the book sound good on a technical level - the gear shifting, obsession, and attention to detail, that is - but it also sounds like the book equivalent of a Michael Moore style narrative intrusion. Or no?

jenniferpkelly said...

I think if you really, really like the Church and want to know everything possible about Steve Kilbey, you will probably enjoy the book.

If you drag out Starfish once in a while, because the songs are pretty and have a life and interest in other bands...not so much.

I don't actually read a lot of rock books, because the writing's usually not that good and a lot of them have that sort of tunnel vision thing going. I mean, I love music, obviously, but I don't want to read about it most of the time.