Sunday, March 22, 2009

Punk rock woodstock


I spent really all night, at least the part where I wasn't wandering around aimlessly, at the Todd P. party at Mrs. Bea's, an unofficial, all-ages, outdoor thing with about 20 bands, starting before noon and going all the way to after midnight. Well, that's not true, I walked into town down Congress, stopped in at the Yard Dog to get a beer, and saw Freedy Johnston (actually quite good, though perhaps the un-hip-est thing I saw all week), then a little bit of the Uglysuits at HOmeslice Pizza (not bad either, in a sunny shoegaze kind of way, if that makes sense at all), and then the aimless wandering, getting lost, being on line for the Hold Steady for about 30 seconds (and then deciding it was hopeless) and finally heading east to Mrs. Bea's, stopping for one show (Los Llamerada, Mexican garage punk) and then deciding I should really go to the Hometapes party, and walking for what seemed like half the afternoon through a not especially nice part of town, and getting there just in time for Megafaun, who were really those guys. And then my friend Jon wanted dinner, so we sat and waited for half an hour at Nuevo Leon, and it was 7 o'clock and I wanted to see Kurt Vile at Mrs. Bea's so I left. And then Kurt Vile, let's see, caUSE co-MOTION (infinitely better live), Psychedelic Horseshit (wearing Wavves Suxx tee-shirts), Blank Dogs, the Ohsees (LOVE this band), Woods and the Crystal Stilts. I'm going to try to think of something entertaining to say about all these bands in a little while, but for now, if you get a chance, go see the Ohsees...

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