Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Aidan Moffat’s bruised (and bruising) love

I’ve gotten kind of behind on pointing out reviews. This one went up last week, I think, at Blurt. It’s How to Get to Heaven from Scotland by Aidan Moffat, who used to be in Arab Strap, and it’s probably the blackest humored bit of love singing I’ve heard in years…excellent stuff.

Here’s a little bit from my write-up, the last bit, actually…I think I am finally figuring out how to end a review.

“For all the profanity, the drinking, the burnt-black sarcasm, and the stories that hint at how Moffat got cynical, you have a sense of happy ending. 'A Scenic Route to the Isle of Ewe' is flat-out lovely, bruised and hushed and sublimely hopeful. And later, on 'Lullaby for an Unborn Child', Moffat turns downright tender, recounting the world's harshness, then murmuring, 'If you need me, just knock on the wall of your womb.' Moffat has evidently taken some detours on his way to heaven, but he has gotten there all the same.”

The whole thing is here.

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