Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shelley Short

I’ve been enjoying the very quiet, very beautiful fourth CD from Portland’s Shelley Short. It’s called A Cave, A Canoo, and it’s coming out on Hush Records (who had the Decemberists before they got noticed) in October. Ms. Short has a voice as sleepy soft as puppy fur – she might remind you a little bit of Casey Dienel – but there’s a kind of jazzy sophistication underneath it. Nicely done…here’s the free mp3 from her website. It’s called “Time Machine/Submarine”.

There are some other mp3s from earlier CDs here as well.


Ian said...

Your blurb here reminds me of an album Hush put out in 2004 that I really loved, Corrina Repp's It's Only the Future.

Drop me a line if you'd like to give it a listen... it's aged exceptionally well (and my writing wasn't exactly stellar in 2004 to begin with).

jenniferpkelly said...

Nice job, Ian. Hush definitely has an aesthetic, kind of, as you say, a minimal songwriter vibe. It's easy to dismiss this kind of thing (I haven't had any luck finding a place to review this), because it's good, when it is, for reasons that aren't readily analyzable. I've been really liking both this and the Shannon Stephens, but probably won't be able to write about them.

草蜢Jon said...

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