Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New single from Allah Las

Yes, yes, yes, I am liking this a lot, even if it does make me wonder what year (who am I kidding, what decade) it is.

The backstory is that these guys all worked at Amoeba in SF, so they have clearly been dipping into the vintage vinyl, but also giving it a good bit of breath and spit and fire...I just love that slanty, major-minor guitar thing, don't you?

If you live in NYC, you might know that they were supposed to play at the Rough Trade store, but had to postpone while RT sorted their noise/neighborhood relations issues out. That show is back on the calendar now for 3/27th, and if I were in NYC, I'd go.

Did I mention I was in NYC last week? Awesome time. Got the biggest project (by $s anyway) of my life, saw the Glass Menagerie (which was radiant, perfect, brilliant, unbelievable), ran in my park three separate times and ate pretty damned well. We still have a bunch of cheese and smoked salmon from Zabar's, so we're still eating well. Looking forward to not being poor for at least six months, too (though there are some pretty big credit card bills on the way). And that's that.

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