Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Club 8

You've probably caught on that super polished, dance-oriented electro-pop is not my main thing, or really my thing at all. Still, I've been kind of enjoying the new one from Club 8, a long-running Swedish band that shares members with PopRace and Acid House Kings. Their latest, Above the City, has a melancholy shimmer that separates it, somehow, from all the other perky, synthy electro-bands and puts it more in the line of the XX than, say, Razika. (I could do without the super-poppy, thump-thump-thumping "Stop Taking My Time," and lean, instead, towards moodier entries like "Kill Kill Kill" and "You Could Be Anybody"). A lot of it reminds me, naggingly, of bands I really don't like, so this is not the most ringing endorsement and I probably enjoy what I do enjoy for all the wrong reasons, but fuck it...try for yourself.

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