Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wonder Revolution

You'd think that a band that puts "wonder" and "revolution" next to one another, right there in the name of the group, would be pretty loud and in-your-face and celebratory. But actually, the Wonder Revolution, out of Kansas, is kind of a quiet outfit, spinning gossamer textures of shoegaze out of altered guitars, faraway voices and dreamy, drone-y keyboards. The band is a big one, collecting the talents of people from lots of bands that you might know about if you lived in Kansas (well, okay, I know about the Appleseed Cast, but none of the others, Paper Airplanes, Francis Moss, Solagett, The Music Wrong). The songs are full of natural, often night-time imagery (look at that cover), and they're calm and restful...without necessarily putting you to sleep.

The latest album (their third) is called Firefly and it's out on something called Air House Records on December 11th.

Check out the title track. Why not?

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