Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tycho's Dive

A really beautiful, serene bit of melodically-anchored electronica from Ghostly artist, Scott Hansen a.k.a. Tycho, reviewed yesterday at Blurt.


Tycho's Scott Hansen explores the warmest corners of electronic music, using well-worn vintage synths to float dreamy melodies over insistent stutters and clatters of percussion. He splices organic sounds - scratchy acoustic guitars, the distant boom of bass, human voices - into otherworldly soundscapes seamlessly, so that notes made by instruments sound as luminous, as idealized as those elicited from synths and programming decks.

Listen for instance, to the way synthetic washes of tone crest and fade in "Hours," the album's standout track, one synthesizer laying a foundation, while another picks out a cerebral melody. A crisp, minimalist rhythm kicks in on snare and cymbal, lending a twitchy sensuality. And then there is the bass, soft, but insistently physical, as it grounds "Hours" in the world of blood and breath and sweat. There are lots of different elements in "Hours" but they co-exist in a sort of super-real clarity. You feel no confusion or complexity, just a bright, warm rush of serenity.


I really like the cover art, too.

Here's "Hours"


Jean-Luc Garbo said...

I love that album cover. It's too perfect. The review was very helpful. I listened to that song "Hours" and took to it immediately. Also helps that it's what I've been putting on mixtapes lately. Anything else on Ghostly that you recommend?

jenniferpkelly said...

Ghostly's a good label, and almost anything they do is worth checking out...but I don't know of anything specific, besides this one, that they're releasing.

I have a couple of mixes I might put up, too, at some point.